Award Categories and Judging Criteria

New! Best Mobile Strategy
This special category looks at an organization’s overall mobile communications strategy, including its portfolio of native apps, web properties, and messaging. Consideration is given to the number of applications, overall scope and performance of an organization’s overall business objectives through mobile.

New! Best Native Mobile App
This category is for individual apps on iOS, Android, or other platforms. Usability, branding, clarity of purpose, and consumer ratings are all taken into account.

New! Best Mobile Website
While all sites should be perform well on mobile, this category looks at the site entered exclusively from a mobile perspective. Usability, design, branding, quality of content will all be evaluated. Web apps intended for mobile use, and anything delivered via a mobile browser should be entered here.

Best Internet Home Page
Only the home page will be judged. Does the design and navigation facilitate access to key site information? Does it provide strong branding and excellent usability?

Best Annual or Special Report
Category covers annual reports as well as reports on community benefits, foundation, capital campaigns, events, wellness, and other initiatives. Can be print or digital report, but access to a digital form of the report will be necessary.

Best Overall Internet
Factors considered include delivery of strong healthcare content, interactivity, medical care support, integration with the organization’s operations, as well as strength of web design and ease of navigation.

Best Site Design
Is the web design unusual, attractive, and engaging? Does the design facilitate access to key site information? Does it provide strong branding and excellent usability?

Best Social Networking
Focus is on blogs, chats, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social networking channels.

Best Rich Media
Category includes video, audio (including podcasts), animations, virtual tours, and multimedia.

Best Interactive
Focus is on site’s or program’s interactive features and technologies for providing healthcare information and evaluations; establishing ongoing relationships via personal web pages, e-newsletters, and email alerts; and facilitating community groups.

Best Healthcare Content
How extensive, balanced, up-to-date, well-organized, and credible is the information presented? Includes individual wellness and community health initiatives.

Best Patient Access & Convenience
This category covers appointment requests and scheduling, ER wait times, patient test results, bill pay, patient-physician communications, directions, classes/events, and service preregistration. Patient portals included.

Best Care/Disease Management
Focus is on medical management tools and news and information available online to help consumers manage a chronic condition, two-way communication between patient and healthcare practitioners, and opportunities to monitor clinical care.

Best Doctor Directory
How easy is it to find a doctor — physician, dentist, or other professional — who meets a consumer’s or referring physician’s needs? How organized, extensive, and interesting is the information on the doctor? Are appointment requests facilitated?

Best Marketing Campaign
Category covers campaigns that are digital only or “integrated” campaigns incorporating digital and offline elements.
Campaigns may cover promotion of a service line, product, rebranding, special event, or an internal communications effort. Evaluations based on goals, marketing content, creative, and results if available. Detailed guidelines will be supplied upon entry.

Best Intranet
How well is an organization using its “internal network” to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction and reduce administrative costs? Do site design and features encourage use?

Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award
This award recognizes an organization’s commitment to using the internet and technology to help achieve its mission and strategic business objectives. Factors considered include financial resources and organizational focus on eHealth as well as initiatives implemented. To enter this award category, you must also enter at least four other award categories and provide details supporting your submission so that the organization can be fully evaluated. Detailed guidelines will be supplied upon entry.