Recognition of Award Winners


Award winners will be recognized in the following ways.

I.  Listing on Web

Winners of the 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Awards will appear on this site on November 6, 2019.

II.  In the December issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

All winners will receive a copy of this issue. Additional copies are available for purchase for $30. To order your copy, contact us.

III.  Award Certificate

An Award Certificate is given to each winning organization. Additional certificates may be ordered, for a fee, by contacting us.

IV.  Award Winner Badges

Winners receive badges to display on their site(s), social profiles, or in promotional material.

V.  Award Presentation at the 23rd Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Orlando, Florida

Winners will be honored on November 6, 2019, during a special keynote presentation at HCIC, which is produced by Greystone.Net.