2023 eHealthcare Leadership Awards
Winners in the Category of
Best Care/Disease Management


Consumer Disease-Focused Site
“Personalized trials & care for patients experiencing debilitating flares despite autoimmune Rx”
 SilverNational Eczema Association
“EczemaWise, the free app to help patients manage their eczema”
Physician/Clinician-Focused Site
 PlatinumCMEducation Resources
 GoldCMEducation Resources
 DistinctionCMEducation Resources
 DistinctionEden Smile Design
“Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry”
HMO, PPO, or Other Insurer
“Event Triggering Depression Outreach”
Agency or Corporate Vendor Site
“CR Care Coordinator”
Other Healthcare Sites
 SilverNational Comprehensive Cancer Network
“NCCN Guidelines for Patients®: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia”