2023 Awards Presentation


Hello, everyone, and welcome the twenty twenty three eHealth Care Leadership Awards. I'm Susan Duke, co chair for the Awards, and I'll be your host for the virtual awards presentation.


Introduction to the eHealth Care Leadership Awards

I'm delighted to introduce my two co presenters.

And eHealthcare Leadership award, Diamond sponsors.

Emily Ansel, Chief Executive Officer of Private Health News, and Ben Dylan, chief executive officer for geometric, and preparing for a presentation.

Emily, Ben, Matt Humphrey, and I had the pleasure of reviewing all the award submissions.

And once again, we were blown away by the vast array of initiatives that are underway across the country in all sectors of health care.

We've just emerged from a pandemic that literally shut down the world for eighteen months. And in the aftermath, Our industry is facing crushing financial challenges, workforce shortages, and an erosion of trust in the very institutions that used to be considered the bedrock of society.

And that includes health care.

Yet despite all that, we can't help but marvel at all the creativity and innovation that you demonstrate every day.


Dedicating the Awards Presentation to the Industry

So this year, we're dedicating the awards presentation to you.

And for your tenacity, perseverance, and incredible resilience.

Your work is what will provide solutions and propel us forward.

So let's get warmed up with a small sample of your amazing work that we're celebrating this evening.

You've tamed the voices in your head. You've put your courage to know the test. All your doubts to rest.

Your mind is clearer than before Your heart has fallen wanting more. Your future's at the door.

Give it all you got.

No hesitating.

You've been waiting all yours This is And every time you hit the wall, remember you can have it all, even on my tea fall.

It's closer than it's ever been. And now it's more than just a end. It's where your life begin.

Let's recognize our sponsors who helped make this awards program possible.

This year, we're delighted to have our two returning diamond sponsors.

Private health news and geometric.

Private health news or PA Jen provides interactive communication platforms, content marketing, and engagement tools.

PHN helps health care providers build lasting relationships with consumers through my health enews and clinicians through med news plus based on specialties, need for CME and health interest.

Additionally, PHN now offers a secure physician to physician messaging component.

A digital experience agency with deep technical and creative expertise geometric provides hospitals, health systems, and medical groups with digital experience strategy.

User experience consulting, website read designs, and HIPAA compliant digital marketing services.

Optimized for the unique needs of the health care industry.

And now, we'd like to recognize our platinum sponsors.

Phase two.

SPM Group unlock health, This year's gold sponsors are Alliance, Kyris, loyal, and two tango collaborative.

So thank you to all of our sponsors for your support.

This year, a hundred and forty industry leaders participated as judges, and they evaluated nearly a thousand entries. You can find the complete list of judges on the awards website.

The judges are given specific criteria for each category.

They evaluate entries on a five point scale.

We'll share some of the judges' comments and impressions throughout the program today.

Organizations enter under one of eight team industry classifications competing against others of comparable type, size, and resources.

This year, we added three new categories.


Categories and New Additions

Best digital staff recruitment and retention.

Best search engine marketing campaign and best digital front door, giving us a total of thirty categories.

It's time now to announce the winners of the twenty twenty three e health care leadership awards.

You'll see the winner's names on screen, and we'll share highlights of some of our winning entries throughout the program.

Our first category is best digital internal communications. Top entries in this category successfully deployed internal communication to enhance worker safety, promote employee well-being, and engage team members with internal mascots and special events.

Congratulations to the winners.

With seven thousand plus employees serving a population of over one million in Northern Nevada. Renown health utilizes robust internal community strategies to engage its hybrid workforce, foster community, and position the organization as a leading option for prospective employees.

Our next category is best annual or special report, and here are our winners on screen.


Best Annual or Special Report

This year's top entries include drug trends, community care plan outcomes, and the latest research breakthroughs.

Winning reports highlight organizational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the generosity of donors, and the unwavering mission to end cancer.

Congratulations to our winners.

UC Davis School of Medicine's twenty twenty two year in review, shows how the organization continues its national leadership, innovation, and growth in all areas of its mission.

Here's what one judge said. Very slick interface, great branding, and tons of navigation options.

Our next category is Best provider directory.


Best Provider Directory

Provider directories are often the first point of contact for an health care organization.

This year's top winners helped connect consumers with providers with who best met their needs based on factors like location, insurance accepted, first available appointment, and languages spoken.

Congratulations to all winners.

Houston methodists launched an innovative find a doctor website to connect new patients with nearby providers who can offer prompt care.

The site displays real time availability for multiple visit types and directs the patient to book an appointment online.

Next, we have best digital physician engagement.


Best Digital Physician Engagement

Judgesges evaluate entries on content and how well the digital channel supported the goals of the communications.

Winning tactics included newsletters, videos, web content, email, and social media campaigns.

We're happy to congratulate all our winners.

Hacknsack Marine Health took a digital first approach to communications with its physicians to keep them informed while also building physician loyalty and engagement.

The strategies were targeting, making information easy to access and find, and getting to the point.

Next up, best short video


Best Short Video Content

content, two minutes or less.

Videos enrich all forms of digital communication.

Their popularity is evident in the number of submissions and winners.

Videos capture attention, demonstrate, motivate, and inspire.

The judges evaluate this category based on how well the video supports the business and marketing objectives.

Some of our top winning videos are designed to educate patients and physicians and recruit nurses.

Congratulations to our best short format video winners.

Nurses are the backbone of any healthcare in institution and to help support nurse recruitment.

Orlando Health created videos to show the limitless ways that nurses deliver care and to demonstrate the gratitude everyone feels for the dedication of nurses.

Let's watch this award winning video.

Here's to the lifesavers.

The ones who are at their best, when everything's at its worst, who have everyone's back, who never give up. At Orlando Health, we're hiring nurses who share that spirit of teamwork and proudly investing in our own with competitive pay, generous benefits, and education programs to grow your career. They're just some of the ways we support our nurses. Won't you join them?

Our next category is best health care content and private health news is proud to be the category sponsor.


Best Healthcare Content

Healthcare content is one of the largest categories in the awards program.

And that's because it isn't a single thing.

Content includes blog posts, microsites, infographics, videos, white papers, risk assessments, training modules, and so much more.

Several common threads ran through our winning submissions this year. The importance of delivering information that is timely credible, trusted, and relevant to the audience. Congratulations to all the winners.

Oushner's blog skyrocketed in popularity, growing from thirty nine thousand page views in two thousand fourteen, to one point four million in twenty twenty two. The success of this effort is attributed to the fact that the content focuses on what consumers want to know in a multimedia experience.

Our best healthcare podcast category is sponsored by doctor podcasting.

Podcast offer marketers a wonderful opportunity to share a diverse array of topics from general health and wellness to in-depth discussions.

This year, we had six platinum winners on topics ranging from AI and ethics in healthcare to understanding lupus, to mental health issues and cancer journeys.

Congratulations to our winners.

On the mind is the official podcast from the Wheel Cornell Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

One judge said, it's nice to educate the community on news common issues and conditions related to mental health and psychiatry, providing reliable mental health guidance.

And now, best mobile app.


Best Mobile App

Mobile apps are essential tools for today's health care marketers.

Winning entries this year include self-service tools that allow patients to access health and wellness information.

Track their baby's development and manage cancer care.

Congratulations to the winners of this category.

WakeMed transformed its digital strategy with the mobile app that provides a hand holding experience across the whole patient journey. The results are impressive with over one million sessions, two point five million new users a month, and a sixty four percent reuse rate.

Our first new category for this year is best digital recruitment and retention.

In the aftermath of COVID nineteen, hospitals and health systems are facing unprecedented workforce shortages.

Staffing shortages threaten patient care and have significant financial implications.

As experienced providers and support personnel are seeking new opportunities or leaving the workforce altogether.


White Plains Hospital's marketing team stepped up to support the HR department by creating an effective recruitment campaign.

One judge noted, this well constructed campaign had clearly defined KPIs, a thoughtful mix of channels for messaging, and exceptional use of social media channels and video messages.

We now continue with our next category best interactive sponsored by unlock health.


Best Interactive

This category focuses on interactive features and technologies that engage patients and establish ongoing relationships.

Winning entries this year included personalized newsletters, virtual experience, quizzes, and a tool to help individuals assess their risk for hereditary cancer and heart disease.

Congratulations to our best interactive winners.

Texas Center for proton therapy offers a virtual tour of its proton therapy treatment room.

This immersive experience helps patients understand their treatment journey from the comfort of their own home.

The next category is best social media.

Social media is now an essential part of sophisticated strategic marketing efforts.

Winning entries show the variety of innovative ways that social media is used to reduce health disparities, promote thought leadership, leverage brand ambassadors, and encourage patients to take control of their health.

Videos enhance social media engagement and they drive results. Congratulations.

Fair Health offers tools that enable consumers to estimate costs for medical and dental services.

As well as educational resources about health insurance and shared decision making tools. A successful Facebook campaign generated a thirty nine percent increase in visits to the consumer site and a sixty nine percent increase in visits to the provider site.

The next category is best rich media.


Best Rich Media

Rich media enhances the user experience by arousing the senses of sight and sound and heightening the imagination.

This year's top entries were dominated by educational videos.

Congratulations to the winners.

UCLA Health, in partnership with televisa univision produces a monthly series of one minute videos featuring a Spanish speaking UCLA health physician offering health tips in Spanish.

Let's take a video break and watch a little of Saint Peter University Hospital's platinum winning short video.

Brandon is a fighter.

He is really a fighter. He weighed five hundred grams.

The beginning, I remember The feeling was I wish my baby is at home with me, but now we're going home. I am gonna miss everybody here in Nikyo tremendously because they're a life family now. We really get the best care here. I I I can't think of any other possible way, which like a better care. I am forever grateful for everybody involved in this journey with us in Saint Peters in you. They have done so much at the level, like, I can never imagine.

I just can't wait one day we're gonna tell him, these are the heroes who save him.

This is his story.

Our next category is best email content, individual email.


Best Email Content

Email provides a versatile tactic for health care marketers.

It's responsive and measurable and communications can be personalized.

Winning entries this year include summer safety, art screenings, and mental health initiatives.


Geisinger's health and wellness blog balance published a special edition email on emotional health. To provide you consumers with tips, advice, and conversation starters to begin engaging with a mental health professional.

Next, we have best email content series.

Judges just looked for consistency in this category.

Are winning entries used email series with consumers to engage with newcomers and deliver personalized content on advanced cancer care.

Email series were also used to deliver providers with clinical trial updates and wellness resources.

We'd like to congratulate all our winners in this category.

Community health system determined that an email series was the the best channel to promote their twenty day part challenge.

Daily emails chock full of educational tidbits and heart related challenges inspired one hundred thousand subscribers.

Judges has commented that this campaign was well built and impressive with great branded content and clear calls to action.

Next, we have best landing page or microsite.


Best Landing Page or Microsite

Landing pages and microsites are really the workhorse of marketing.

They offer the perfect response mechanism for digital campaigns with focused content and multiple ways of engaging consumers at all levels of the funnel.

Top entries this year include landing pages developed to support campaigns for bariatric surgery, fetal care, cardiac services, and proton therapy.

Congratulations to our best landing page or microsite winners.

Connecticut Children's created an optimized landing page for a new fetal care center to drive traffic from paid search.

The site provides information on the conditions treated and the world renowned care team. One judge said This is a very clear, functional, and effective site. It gives patients the confidence that this center can treat them. Our next category is best mobile website.


Best Mobile Website

Mobile first website design is no longer an option. It's essential. With more than half of all website visits coming from mobile devices, winning websites help consumers estimate healthcare costs, Find a provider, to facilitate conversations with individuals seeking addiction recovery.

Congratulations to all our winners. Here's what one judge said about the Methodist Hospital for Surgery Mobile website.

Excellent site. Easy navigation, clean design, and clarity of services offered. One of the best healthcare mobile sites I've come across.



Best Internet Home Page

let's look at best internet home page. The home page has a big job to do.

It must convey the organization's brand, and it needs to look good on every type of device.

The judges commented on the ease of navigation, the calls to action, the quality of the graphics, functionality, and the home page's ability to meet the consumers immediate needs.

Hebrew Senior's life website is designed for seniors, families, and health care providers.

One judge remarked, It's radically simplified navigation has only three main menu items, which improves time on the site and decreases the website bounce rate.

Parkview health home page was designed for ease of use. Displace most common tasks that the visitors want to perform.

The page allows consumers to effectively search for a specific type of need, location, or provider.

The next category is best site design.


Best Site Design

Best site design was a popular category again this year. Judges look not only for visual appeal, but also functionality, navigation, and branding.

Some of our winning sites give patients access to care, help guide patient decision making, support staff recruitment, and sell services.

Congratulations again to our winners.

Here's what one judge had to say about UNC Health website design.

This is truly a stand out. It's the kind of simple design that takes lots of thought and testing.

I appreciate many of the little things. Like the animated logo that highlights the brand in a way that's very memorable, but doesn't get in the way of usability.

And next, best long video content over two minutes.

Long format videos allow time for communicators to tell emotional and compelling stories and present complex subjects.

Top winning entries covered topics including cancer, cardiac care, orthopedics, sports medicine and brand.

Congratulations to all of our winners in this category.

As part of a complete rebranding campaign, Krista's Health produced an anthemic video that presents the system's commitment to each community it serves. And shows how Christis makes exceptional care accessible, reliable and focused on the individual.

Let's take a look at Krista's award winning video.

It seems we're always searching for something.

For what motivates us to do our best, for our purpose.

At Christis Health, We've found that purpose.

The one that drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of medicine and care.

It's the reason we come in early, and stay late.

It's why we never stop introducing new technologies and techniques that can turn life threatening conditions into life changing opportunities.

So Janet can dance at her daughter's wedding So Manuel's family history doesn't become his future.

So little Sophia gets her best chance to live a long, healthy life.

It's why we honor the dignity of every person and give everyone who comes through our doors our very best.

Whether they need a miracle or just someone to listen It's the reason we go out into every corner of the communities we serve, offering hope and healing to those who need them most.

And it's the reason we continue to expand into new communities each year, bringing more physicians, more services, and more care closer to more people.

So what is our why? Our purpose.

The answer simple.

The answer is you.

Your family.

Your dreams.

Your future, your health, your life, our purpose Christus Health.

And now best overall internet site sponsored by SPM


Best Overall Internet Site


For this category, the judges evaluate the entire website.

Top entries in this category represent hospitals, health systems, insurers, and organizations devoted to medical education and health care distribution.

Dutch commented on the winning site's content, navigation, user engagement, and overall visual appeal.

University of Maryland Medical Systems website was described by one judge as very impressive.

Congratulations to all the winners of best overall internet site.

Our WJ Barnavis Health's website is the online nation for New Jersey's largest academic healthcare system for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

The site had a thirty two percent increase in users over the last six months.

The next category is best care or disease management.


Best Care or Disease Management

This category focuses on chronic conditions and medical management tools for consumers, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

For conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autism, and eczema.

Success in disease management empowers patients to be active participants in their own care.

Congratulations winners.

Darwin Health's winning entry features a multimedia physician clinician focused platform to inform disease management for cancer.

One judge remarked that the platform is informative, and data and content rich. Our next category is best digital leadership in health equity, diversity, and inclusion.

This category demonstrates the ways that health care organizations provide everyone with the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible.

Top entries include a health equity report, a celebration of pride month, a homeless health care collaborative and a DEI leaders toolkit.

Congratulations to all the winners. Castle Conley, top doctor submission highlights diversity, and inclusion within their provider organization and shows how consumers can filter and find their preferred provider.

One judge noted, provider information is robust, well organized, and easy to consume.

Our next category is best infectious disease communications.


Best Infectious Disease Communications

Well, submissions in this category continue to be dominated by COVID nineteen.

A surge of RSV yet another infectious disease is challenging the capacity of emergency departments.

Congratulations to the winners in this category.

Mattis General Brigham has curated all the latest information on COVID nineteen. Including information from the CDC, on prevention, symptoms, treatment options, and vaccine safety.

All designed to help consumers make informed decisions and protect themselves.

Our next category is new this year. Best search engine marketing campaign sponsored by unlock health.

Search allows marketers to reach customers who are actively searching for a new product or service.

We'd like to congratulate the best search engine marketing winners.

Ohio State Wexner medical centers, search engine marketing campaign, was designed to boost visibility and increased patient volumes at its outpatient centers.

The campaign achieved a conversion rate above seventy percent.


Best Overall Digital Patient Experience

The next category is best overall digital patient experience.

Thanks to Geometric for sponsoring this category.

Today's patients expect to have more of their health care journeys Through digital channels, top winners offer digital access to highly specialized care.

Including cancer and cardiac services.

Congratulations to all the winners of this category.

The clinic by Cleveland Clinic allows patients have access to thirty five hundred specialists to receive second opinions for their medical care without leaving the comfort of their own homes. One judge remarked This is a well presented nomination.

The facility is organized and planned to meet all the needs of patients.

Our next category was new last year.


Best Use of AI in Healthcare Marketing

Best use of artificial intelligence and health care marketing.

AI is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare marketing by optimizing patient engagement, personalizing marketing efforts, providing data driven insights and helping organizations better meet consumer needs.


To all the winners.

Citement Cancer Center's chat functions answer general questions for users with a phone call, giving patients with deeper needs the chance to connect with the call center so the team can guide them to specialized care.

One judge remarked. This entry is compelling. The strengths lie in the data driven results.

Let's take a video break and watch a segment from living beyond breast cancer's platinum winning long video.

When your first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, you are in a haze. It feels like life has paused for a minute.

If you've never heard the word metastatic before, you have no idea what that means.

When I heard stage four breast cancer, in my head, I was thinking, okay, is there a stage five? Is there something above this.

And to find out that no, stage four means terminal, it's a shock because you don't think ever in your life that you're gonna get news that you're terminal, it changes everything around you.

One time, my boss said, you know, you don't really seem to get too stressed out. You just really seem to handle things well. And I'm like, well, this.

You want me to get upset about this? Like, you know, on my grand scheme of things, like, this is not a big deal. Yeah. Maybe because I'm a cancer survivor.

I just don't sweat the small stuff anymore. We have plenty of time to worry about what's gonna happen down the line. I'm not gonna worry about it now and waste the present. Stressing out.

It's important to find those things that bring you joy because cancer is very clarifying. It's like Mhmm. I don't have time for any negativity. I don't have any time for any toxicity. You gotta clean mister closet with the day that's so does it bring you joy?

Everything. Is this? Is this the name of people? I believe that we all can commit to living dreaming about whatever it is that we want or how we want our life to be, gives hope or a pathway to the future.

And I just really wanna encourage people to commit to that.

We're excited to introduce one of our new categories this year. Best digital front door, sponsored by phase two.

This special category evaluates how effectively organizations combine various tools and tactics into a comprehensive strategy to acquire new patients and deliver excellent experiences.

Congratulations to all best digital front door winners.

From app to laptop, Adican aurora health now offers one live well experience.

Patients have the same easy access to all their health info as well as well on these features.

One judge remarked, they've done a great job of getting them engaged digitally through their efforts.

Big wins all around.


Best Digital Marketing Campaign

The next category is best digital marketing campaign.

Running entries covered a wide array of topics and goals, including brand awareness, suicide prevention.

Fundraising, and staff recruitment and retention.

Campaign use sophisticated audience segmentation and robust analytics to measure outcomes. Congratulations winners. Nationwide Children's Hospital light up the lawn, light up the life campaign, provided the opportunity for donors to support children receiving care over the holidays by illuminating a large butterfly display for the hospital arm. One judge said great campaign and impressive result.

Next up, we have best integrated marketing campaign.

This year's top winners in the best integrated marketing campaign deployed a range of innovative tactics.

From wall murals and brand journalism to butterfly tractors.

Topic include pharmacy benefits, primary care, virtual visits, fundraising, wellness, and more.

High five health care had had fun with the trade show campaign targeting physicians.

One judge commented. I enjoyed the element of surprise with a monster theme running through all their materials.

We're pleased to congratulate all the winners of this category.

Head medicine, Princeton Health's integrated campaign, was designed to generate awareness of its new center for spine care and its accreditation by the Joint Commission.

The campaign featured a broad mix of media, including print, digital, social, transit, elevator apps, and out of home. The campaign succeeded in raising awareness, and produced a significant increase in surgical volumes.


Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award

Our final category is the Mark Gothberg e health care organizational commitment award.

Entry are evaluated based on an organization's overall digital strategies and accomplishments.

Each organization must submit a document detailing staffing against its efforts, financial commitment, and results.

And now we're very excited to announce the winners of the twenty twenty three Mark Gothberg eHealthcare organizational commitment awards.

Our first winner is Fair Health.

Fair Health is a national independent nonprofit organization that is committed to eHealth.

Not only did they win six other awards this year. They have won the organizational commitment award every year since two thousand and seventeen.

No pressure for next year.

Fairic health brings transparency to health care costs and health insurance information through the internet and related technologies.

Their business model is based on sharing accurate health data with consumers, providers, employers, insurers, and governmental agencies.

And start at the top at Air Health. With the present, we help initiatives such as online access to benchmark data, cost trackers, newsletters, white papers, and webinars.

Fair Health serves consumers by providing health care cost information.

Health insurance education and share decision making tools through a consumer website in English and Spanish.

Congratulations to Fair Health.

Our next winner is Hackensack Meridian Health.

Hackensack Meridian Health is the largest integrated health care network in New Jersey. They won seven other awards this year, and they're back for repeat performance having won the organizational commitment award in twenty twenty two.

Last year, Hackensack Meridian's leadership team identified access to care as the top priority for the health system and committed a staggering sixty million dollars for digital engagement.

E health has been reaffirmed as a top priority through twenty twenty six. With an additional twenty five million dollar investment in people, technology, and process improvements.

The digital engagement team, which has nearly three hundred FTEs, operates across four domains.

Digital front door, digital marketing, virtual health, and patient access and services.

With the support of an executive strategy council and the reimagine nurse center, the Hackensack Meridian team has achieved significant success.

And is very deserving of the Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment award.

Congratulations to Hackensack Meridan Health.

A third winner is Advocate Aurora Health.

Advocate Aurora Health, part of Advocate Health, The fifth largest not for profit integrated health system in the US. The system serves nearly three million patients annually in Illinois and Wisconsin across more than five hundred sites of care. Epicate Aurora won eight other awards this year.

Afocate Aurora's health commitment to excellence at every step in the consumer's digital journey has positioned the organization to be one of the country's premier consumer first healthcare systems.

The marketing team has successfully deployed digital strategies to drive awareness and patient acquisition enhanced access to care, delivered personalized data driven engagement, and to ensure seamless connections at all touch points.

Evocate Aurora Health is committed to transforming health care with the Livewell app telehealth, and self-service capabilities.

Congratulations to Advocate Aurora Health.

Our final winner is UCLA health.

UCLA health is one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems in the world. With four medical centers, and two hundred sixty clinics across Southern California.

They received the organizational commitment award in twenty twenty one, and won thirteen other awards this year.

This is an organization that takes its responsibility to community service seriously.

Put their mission into action by tackling the broad reaching health needs identified through their community health needs assessment.

The UCLA health marketing team created a website hub called the community resource project. That provides ready access to resources that impact overall health and well-being.

This includes not only high quality medical care, but also affordable food, housing, and transportation.

Additional community health and equity resources include the homeless health care collaborative, a program to grow up health and resilience in the LGBTQ plus community, a clinic to address the needs of individuals impacted by trauma, and health and wellness programs for school aged children.

Congratulations to UCLA Health.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our twenty twenty three winners.

We're grateful to have this offer tune eighty to honor you and recognize your many accomplishments.


Recognition of Winners

Certificate will be mailed to our winners Award winners will be featured in e health care strategy and trends at e health care strategy dot com. And are now listed on the award website at ehealthcareawards dot com.

You'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the twenty twenty three awards badges that you can place on your website as well as in promotional materials.

For the first time, award stats touettes are available to order.

Winters will receive an email on how to place an order.

The call for entries for next year's awards


2024 Call for Entries

will open May first twenty twenty four.

If you're interested in participating as a judge or a sponsor, please contact us by the website at e health care awards dot com.

Again, we'd like extend our warmest congratulations to the winners of the twenty twenty three eHealth Air Leadership Awards.