2021 Awards Presentation

2021 Awards Presentation Transcript

Welcome to the 22nd Annual health care leadership awards. I'm Jane Weber Brubaker, chair of the Awards and Executive Editor of Plain-English Health Care. Co-presenting with me today are Emilie Ansel, chief executive officer of Private Health News, and Ben Dillon, chief strategy officer at Geonetric.

2021 has been like a roller coaster for a few brief moments in the early summer. We thought we had COVID beat. It was time to celebrate. We had miracle vaccines.

But then the Delta variant came along and it started to feel like the movie Groundhog Day. We had to figure out how to help people overcome vaccine hesitancy. And now we have vaccine mandates to contend with in spite of or maybe because of the extreme demands of the pandemic. We had to find new ways to navigate, communicate and innovate, and we think a write up for one of this year's winning entries, said the best. "There's no question that the past 15 months have been collectively traumatic, but they were also full of silver linings. The COVID 19 pandemic transformed the marketing and communications team for the better. A new kind of teamwork was born out of necessity. We learned how to collaborate without seeing each other in person."

We faced adversity and we've lost far too many people. But in the midst of a crisis, we've done our best and stepped up to serve our communities. We are resilient and no matter what happens, we know this in the words of one of our winners. We will be OK.

This year, we asked Emilie and Ben to come up with their top 10 takeaways from the past year. Ben and Emilie take it away.

Marketing, particularly digital marketing, has never been more important in health care than it's been during the pandemic.

Digital strategy is taking a leading role.

The digital front door is redefining the next generation of digital experiences.

Digital teams are working more closely with operations than ever before.

Health care has placed a stronger focus on communicating with and engaging employers.

Video is hitting its stride.

Mobile apps are getting another look.

Health equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives are changing the face of our teams.

Placing new emphasis on online conversions and self-service.

Health systems have been collaborating even with competitors at a level that we've never seen before.

Well, thanks, guys, that was a quick snapshot of a very momentous year we've all had.

And now I'd like to recognize the sponsors who helped make this awards program possible this year. We're delighted to have our two returning diamond sponsors Geonetric and Private Health News. A digital experience agency with deep technical and creative expertise,

Geonetric provides hospitals, health systems and medical groups, digital experience strategy, digital transformation consulting, user experience consulting and creative digital services optimized for the unique needs of the health care industry.

Private health news provides audience focused services that drive measurable awareness and engagement while helping clients target audiences live healthier lives.

And now we'd like to recognize our platinum sponsors: BroadcastMed. Medical Web Experts. Medicom Health. Phase2. Reputation.

Anand this year's gold sponsors are: Centretek, Healthgrades (now Mercury Health), Kyruus, NDP, and Wellsource.

We'd also like to give special recognition to organizations we partnered with each year to produce the awards. Greystone, our host for the awards presentation for many years, and Siteimprove our accessibility partner. Siteimprove generates an accessibility score for entries in the best mobile website and best overall internet category. A weighted accessibility score was combined with other criteria evaluating entries in these categories.

Thank you to all of our 2021 sponsors and partners for your support.

This year, 111 industry leaders participated as judges, and they evaluated nearly 1,000 entries. You can find the complete list of judges on the awards website. The judges are given specific criteria for each category, and they evaluate entries on a five point scale. Judges can also add their comments and impressions, and we'll share some of those throughout the program today.

Organizations enter under one of 18 industry classifications competing against others of comparable type, size and resources. This year, we added two new categories best digital leadership in health equity, diversity and inclusion, and best landing page or microsite, bringing the total number of categories to 22.

And now we're ready to announce the winners of the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards. You will see all the winners names on screen. We will share highlights from some of the winning entries throughout the program and some of them are featured in the video you're about to see. So let's watch right now.

Our first category is best annual or special report, and you'll start seeing the winners on screen right now. This category is evaluated based on design content and interactivity. Top entries this year ran the gamut from a guide to revenue cycle automation to a survey on the state of nursing to an interactive report on the impact of fundraising on cancer research. In a year when so many of us were working from a home office, the corporate mailroom was nonexistent and high quality digital reports and guides. It could be distributed electronically filled the need to stay informed and celebrate successes. Congratulations to the winners in the best annual or Special Report category. Provide health care professionals conducted a survey of US hospital executives in 2021 to better understand nurse staffing needs. An expected shortage of nurses is fueling competition, and one key finding in the survey was that 28% of respondents said they will improve their pay packages for nurses, and 37% say they are offering sign on bonuses to our ends.

The next category is Best Care/Disease Management. This category focuses on chronic conditions and related medical management tools, news and information for consumers and physicians. Judges evaluate the entries based on the scope of information, customization features and more. This year's top entries include a pain management solution, a program for managing chronic liver disease, and a physician focus site with in-depth information about mitral valve repair. Congratulations to all the winners in the best Care/Disease Management Category. Boston Scientific platinum winning entry in this category features its spinal cord stimulator system. Wave rider alpha is a personalized pain management solution. The audience for the website is physicians, and each category and subcategory features rich imagery and videos and clear navigation to key information.

The next category is Best Intranet. Intranets have never been more essential than in the past 18 to 20 months. They've given employees a central place to find critical information, whether they're working on site or virtually. Award winning entries in this category Included Health systems that streamlined and consolidated their internet sites, creating a vital resource that help maintain a sense of community. Congratulations to the winners and the best internet category. Stanford Children's Health Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford continues to add new functionality to its connect anywhere Intranet. This road map shows new projects completed in 2021 including a staff engagement chat bot, a redesigned telehealth portal and an employee recognition platform, among other projects. One judge said this is terrific work from my perspective, both as a clinician and online strategist. Everything I would need as an employee, regardless of position, is there.

The next category is Best Digital Internal Communications. Intranets were just one of many communications channels used by organizations to keep employees engaged and informed during the pandemic. Daily newsletters. Virtual town halls, weekly colleague forums and employee pulse check surveys also serve to encourage and reassure scared and stressed frontline workers. Congratulations to the winners in the best digital internal communications category. A nationally recognized leader in infectious diseases, Nebraska Medicine was able to repurpose an existing internet page previously used to disseminate information about Ebola and SARS and pivot to COVID 19 from March 2020 to March 2020 21. The web page logged more than 103,000 visits. Nebraska medicine's online colleague and leader forums attracted an audience 86,000 viewers, one judge commented. Well-organized, expansive, truly remarkable output from a relatively small group first rate.

Our next category is Best Doctor Directory. Doctor directories are getting better and better, with more features to help patients find the right physician. We need entries Azure offer multiple options for filtering results from personalization to online booking to telehealth availability. You can even see how frequently a physician treats a particular condition. Today's doctor directories are not just a list of credentials or rankings. Physician profiles have been enriched with video star ratings and bios that emphasize humanity and empathy. They truly help consumers shop for health care. Congratulations to all the winners and the best doctor directory category. Northwell health has created rich physician profiles with videos that go beyond talking heads and show physicians at work. These short films give patients a close up look at the doctor in action. Here we see an orthopedist. Dr. Randy Cohn at work.

The next category is Best Overall Digital Patient Experience, and the category sponsor is generic. First, COVID was surging across the country, then vaccines became available, the logistics of accessing care weren't easy before, but they've never been more challenging and complex than in 2020 and 2021 winners in this category designed digital tools and solutions that made it easier for patients to accomplish whatever they needed to do. Congratulations to the winners and the best overall digital patient experience category. Valley health system site gets right to the point with from the home page, helping patients understand how to get care now with big, bold calls to action like schedule now for a COVID 19 vaccine. Make an appointment for emergency care. Request urgent care at home and more. One click leads you to the full menu of options on a mobile device. Patients can swipe down to find the care they're looking for.

The next category is Best Health Care Podcast, and the category sponsor is BroadcastMed. Podcasts continue to grow both in number and popularity, winning entries this year covered a range of topics, formats and audience types. Most podcasts are still audio meant to be listened to in the background while doing other things. Video podcasts are a different type of experience, giving listeners the opportunity to listen and watch. The pandemic spawned many new podcasts as the need for expert information from multiple niche audiences intensified. Congratulations to the winners in the best health care podcast category. Hackensack Meridian Health health new podcast features a pop culture or segment, a podcast host interviews physician experts about health issues celebrities have brought attention to, such as vertigo, Angelman syndrome, depression, and cancer. One judge commented very well done and easy to follow. Quality guests and smooth style into one another said great tie-in to topical subjects.

The next category is Best Health Care Content, and the category sponsor is Private Health News. Health care content comes in all shapes, sizes and types, depending on who the intended audience is and how they consume content. It might take the form of a blog post that is viewable on a desktop computer or smartphone, or a video that plays on an organization's website. YouTube channel or Facebook page this year we saw content focused on spine health, HIV, breast cancer and other conditions. Health care marketers are creating content hubs to aggregate all types of information. This has been particularly helpful in centralizing information about COVID 19 testing vaccines, boosters and back to school answers for parents. We clearly saw the positive impact of content marketing and organic search results reported by some of this year's winners. Academic Medical Center websites have created rich, in-depth educational experiences for physicians using video to demonstrate specialized surgical procedures. And as we'll see in one of the examples, expertise and experience in managing infectious diseases drew a large audience to one academic Medical Center. Congratulations to all the winners in the best health care content category. Nebraska's medicine's content creation was driven entirely by community submitted questions or based on its biweekly COVID 19 social listening reports. The largest number of search terms were around post COVID symptoms such as cough, headache, heart problems and fatigue. In this post, an ear, nose and throat physician addresses questions about loss of the sense of smell of good health. Launched its Coronavirus Resource hub in English and Spanish with 500 plus unique pieces of content and over 300 blogs on COVID 19 for families, churches and schools. This page addresses the many questions parents have about getting their children vaccinated, like which vaccine can my child receive and will my child have side effects from the vaccine?

Our next category is Best Social Media. Social media has moved well beyond the tactical stage in 2021. It's clear from the winning entries that robust strategy is in place, coordinating all the elements across sort of social media platforms. Video continues to be a high performing medium. Health care organizations hosted Facebook Live events and posted recurring video series on YouTube to address the important issues related to COVID, such as mental health and vaccinations. For some organizations, Facebook became the primary channel consumers used to access that information. Congratulations to the winners and the best social media category. Vanderbilt helps social media program focused on educating the public during the COVID 19 pandemic, its COVID 19 frontline video diary series featured caregivers delivering safety messages. The series said more than half a million viewers across channels. Nicholas childrens', let's talk mental health video series addressed important topics, including how to speak with your children about the COVID 19 pandemic, dealing with anxiety and depression and recognizing and managing parental stress. One judge commented a very thoughtful award entry. Great results. Nice design and content flow.

The next category is Best Rich Media. Winning entries in the best rich media category continue the theme of video, video and more video we know from our own experience that when we see that play button, it's hard to ignore it. And when the video starts playing in our social media feed, we can't resist the urge to turn the volume on and listen in. Award winners made good use of video to educate and inspire with live action, documentary style videos and eye catching animation. The topics covered ergonomic home offices, specialized surgical procedures, women's health, clinical research, a medical school, virtual tours and more. Congratulations to the winners of the best rich media category. UC Davis's platinum winning entry included a six part video series that chronicled conjoined twin girls over one year from birth to 24 hour separation surgery. One judge commented great video quality and storytelling. This video series was really compelling and well done.

We continue now with our next category, Best Interactive, and the category sponsor is Medicom Health. The focus in this category is on interactive features and technologies that engage patients. Many health systems deployed or upgraded their chat bots this year to handle a crush of consumer inquiries at various stages of the pandemic. Other ways health care organizations found to incorporate interactivity include health risk assessments, quizzes and content tailored to users preferences. Congratulations to the winners in the best interactive category. Coffey Communications' interactive tool entices users to test their knowledge while educating them about telehealth services, and also links to a landing page with tips for preparing for a telehealth visit. One of the judges commented this is a nice, short survey, easy to answer and then links to a lot of resources.

Our next category is Best Mobile Website. Visiting mobile websites used to be an exercise in frustration, often requiring a magnifying glass and lots of pinching in and out. Today's responsibly designed mobile websites are a pleasure to visit and navigate, with beautiful imagery, helpful icons and search boxes and menus that help site visitors quickly drill down to find the precise information they're looking for. Everyone is on the go. These days, and there's never been a time, at least during the digital age, when it's been more important to have easy access to the health information you need when you need it wherever you are. Congratulations to the winners and the best mobile website category. Heaven helps mobile website features short menus, easy navigation back to the home page, click to call buttons and pre-filled preferences and forms when logged in search and top tasks are readily available. One judge gave this entry a 5 out of five. About siteman cancer center's mobile website, one judge commented. The site is easily navigable. Content is organized and easy to read format. I really like the prevention content and emphasis on visitor services content.

The next category is Best Native Mobile App, and the category sponsor is Medical Web Experts. Native mobile apps have become essential tools for patients, developers rather than following a set it and forget it approach, continue to expand functionality in 2021. Making apps more sophisticated on the back end and easier to use on the front. End care has shifted from office visits to virtual visits and home care and mobile apps send data back to electronic health records for patient monitoring. Congratulations to the winners in the best native mobile app category. Following the arrival of COVID 19, Northwell Health focus on self service became invaluable as the health system found itself on the front lines of the pandemic. Its app delivers seamless control of an individual's health care journey. And helps deliver the best care to patients through connectedness, accessibility and personalization.

The next category is Best Digital Marketing Campaign. This year's entries show that sophistication in the use of digital strategies and tactics continues to grow. Winning campaigns targeted consumers and physicians and use multiple digital channels and robust media plans. The campaigns were designed to drive priorities such as shifting patients to telehealth and encouraging them to not put off needed care. It is clear that measurement is an expectation, and the top winners were able to prove the effectiveness of their efforts with data. Use of analytics and audience segmentation was evidence, as marketers were clearly motivated to make the best use of their media dollars. Congratulations to the winners and the best digital marketing campaign category. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center launched a major ad campaign across digital channels to expand its telehealth. The campaign drove more than 2,500. My chart clicks online appointments and calls. This TV spot posted on YouTube was designed to drive volume. At Ohio State Wexner Medical center, you can get our care at your place instead of coming to the office for your appointment. You stay where you are and have a video visit using your smartphone, tablet or computer to see and talk to your doctor. This type of telehealth care is appropriate for many common health concerns, and hundreds of Ohio State primary care doctors and specialists can use it for your care, including prescribing medication. Search online for Ohio State telehealth care or call to see if video visits are right for you.

Our next category is Best Integrated Marketing Campaign, and the category sponsor is Reputation. It's no surprise that the pandemic commandeered much of the attention and resources of marketers and communicators during the past year. Many top scoring integrated marketing campaigns focused on dealing with issues surrounding the pandemic, from reminding people not to neglect necessary care to persuading them to get their vaccines. The COVID didn't completely dominate the marketing agenda during the past year. We also saw winning entries from many organizations that still carved out the time to pursue strategic initiatives, launching new brands and promoting priority services. COVID Pose challenges for children's hospitals in particular, as many parents opted for care and community hospitals. Children's national explained we needed to remind parents how important it is for their children to have exclusively pediatric care, and the Children's National gets kids like no one else. The campaign centered on the Children's National news network, a new show where kids delivered breakthrough stories from around the hospital, TV, radio and print focused on brand affinity and digital focused on driving conversions. Congratulations to the winners and the best integrated marketing campaign category. Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health is the only NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Diego to establish itself as the authority in cancer care in the region. Uc San Diego Health launched an integrated campaign spending broadcast radio, outdoor and digital that drove over 32 million impressions. 194,600 hours spent with the brand and a 744 increase in visits to the cancer landing page a 9x increase. Advocate Aurora's #Igotmine campaign was an ambassador based social campaign, people receiving vaccinations were encouraged to be a COVID 19 vaccine ambassador by wearing a #Igotmine sticker, taking a selfie and posting it on social media. The campaign drove 500,000 social media posts in more than a million impressions.

The next category is Best Internet Home Page in this category, only the home page is judged, the home page must demonstrate a clear path to accomplishing the goals of the target audience, such as finding a physician, making an appointment, paying a bill, accessing the patient portal and more. The home page has to take into consideration the full range of potential audiences, including patients, providers and referring physicians. Judges evaluated home pages as they appeared on desktop computers, as well as mobile devices. They commented on cleanliness of navigation and layout. Quality of photography. Access to core communications. Sophistication in the use of rollovers. And other nav bar effects. And more. A key priority was clarity of branding with the use of Maine and accent colors and how images were handled between devices. Congratulations to the winners in the best internet home page category. Virginia Hospital Center overhauled its overhauled its site using genetics vital site content management system. The new site boasts responsive design and intuitive navigation. VHC traded in a copy heavy home page for a simplified design that uses an accessible color palettes consistent with existing marketing materials. The eye catching quick links panel on the home page uses icons to highlight top user tasks, making it simple for visitors to pay bills, access health, education, log into my vce and find a job.

Our next category is Best Landing Page or Microsite. This is a brand new category in 2021. Landing pages are a critical element in any digital campaign. How well connected is the landing page to the advertising that drives to it? Is there a strong connection between the two and a strong call to action to maximize conversions? In evaluating this category, judges considered many factors, including the clarity of the value proposition and call to action page design that supports conversion and uses content appropriate to the topic and audience and social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials. Top entries in this category showed how organizations created landing pages for focused topics that related to a single priority and built strong content around it. One health system has a strong nurse recruitment page, a key priority this year for all health systems as nurses have experienced extreme burnout during this pandemic. Congratulations to the winners in the best landing page or microsite category. White Plains Hospital launched a campaign to drive the target audience from all advertising to one highly focused landing page. A heart health risk assessment is prominently displayed and visitors who take it receive the results in real time. The ultimate goal is for at risk prospective patients to schedule a screening after only one week. The landing page had over 1,000 views and 62 completed health assessments. One judge commented overall, it looks good and functions well.

The next category is Best Site Design. Form and function go hand in hand. If websites are beautiful to look at, but hard to navigate, they're missing the point. Evaluating the best site design category, judges were asked to look for evidence of unusual or attractive and engaging design. Did the site design help users access key website information easily? We're clear navigation and usability prioritize was the organization's branding clearly represented on the site? In their comments, judges remarked on things like social content, photography and video, they highly valued intuitive navigation. The word fun came up several times in judge's comments, indicating the evaluators enjoyed their experience on these sites. A website about allergies, for example, almost made one judge wish she had them. COVID prompted one top 10 Med school to get creative and find a way to attract new students virtually when in-person visits were halted. The challenges are endless, but so are the solutions. Congratulations to the winners and the best site design category. Baptist Health's website design prompted judges to give the entry high scores backed up by positive comments on the design and functionality. One judge remarked visually, very eye catching love the large images and photos the chat bot is also useful. Another judge commented the design of this website stands out and helps guide the audience through their journey on the website. It's easy to find classes, relevant content, careers, services and providers. The description of Wolfson Children's website states that it encapsulates the feelings of stepping into Wolfson, the site itself is user friendly, exceptionally fast and mobile first judge's comments indicate that they concurred. Here's what they had to say. Quality branding and design unique to their brand separate this website from the pack. The sleek design and functionality were outstanding. They guide users to relevant topics in page as well as make navigation and content consumption easy animations and graphic choices were great.

The next category is Best Overall Internet. Winners in this category demonstrated that they are committed to making it easy for site visitors to find what they're looking for. Some top scoring entries added new features like online scheduling, risk assessments and videos to their already strong brand aligned and easy to navigate websites. Others were justifiably proud of their completely redesigned websites. It's hard to imagine how they carved out the time last year to tackle such a huge initiative, but Riverside Health system Rob Cassell regional hospital, Wolfson Children's and renown, or a few the digital asset fair health entered in one with both its English and Spanish language websites. Both websites provide information to help patients understand the cost of medical procedures. One judge commented on Highmark Health's new website for plan members very clean and informative website that was extremely easy to navigate. Congratulations to the winners in the best overall internet category. Renowned health platinum winning award platinum winning website went live on May, 2006. The new site consolidates multiple websites onto one platform. It features enhanced search content written for patient and user understanding and is offered in several languages. Renowned best medicine blog boasts 30,000 subscribers and blog content is dynamically integrated with social media, health information and classes and events.

Our second new category this year is best digital leadership in health equity, diversity and inclusion, and the category sponsor is Phase2. This category recognizes the necessity of eliminating systemic barriers and biases that negatively impact health outcomes. Leading organizations brought attention and awareness to these issues. Looking at them from many different angles. Race, disability, language, gender identity and more. The common bond that we all share is our humanity. What have we learned as an industry that can help us build a more equitable future for everyone? Congratulations to the winners and the best digital leadership in health equity, diversity and inclusion category. Johns Hopkins Medicine launched its equity for COVID 19 vaccines and care microsite in March 2021. This is a screenshot of a video that has drawn more than 130,000 views. It illustrates the efforts taken by Johns Hopkins to bring vaccines to the doorsteps of its most vulnerable neighbors through collaboration with community leaders, public officials and faith leaders, with clinics held at houses of worship, schools and senior housing facilities.

Our next category is Best COVID-19 Pandemic Related Communications. For the second year, this category had more entries than any other category. It's not surprising that managing the COVID 19 crisis is still a top priority for communicators and health care organizations between spikes and infections, mass protocols, vaccinations, vaccine hesitancy and now vaccine mandates, from patients and parents to providers in the press. Every organization in the health care industry had to meet the challenge of communicating critical information to key stakeholders. Winning entries came from many different sectors of the health care industry, in addition to hospitals and health systems, senior living facilities, mental health agencies and Rehabilitation Services. Finding unique ways to communicate effectively with their target audiences. And on top of all of those variables, as the pandemic surged in different places at different times, content had to reflect regional trends. Judges evaluated the entries based on content and interactivity. The content had to demonstrate quality, scope and timeliness. Presenting the massive volume of data related to the pandemic in an understandable way often required interactive visualizations, animations, videos and other forms of rich media. Congratulations to the winners and the best COVID 19 pandemic related communications category. Once COVID 19 vaccines became available to the community. Rob Cassell, Regional Hospital and respiratory care center in Kentucky wanted a hashtag Facebook campaign that encouraged vaccine uptake in a rural community, your medical professionals and your friends and neighbors. This campaign featured these familiar faces sharing why they chose to get vaccinated. Ochsner Health launched a multi-pronged campaign to promote vaccinations as soon as they were available. Leshner sent out nearly a million emails, with 30,000 patients clicking to schedule a vaccine appointment. The COVID specific blog featured posts answering frequently asked questions like if I had COVID 19, do I still need a vaccine?

Our final award is the Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award. Entries are evaluated based on an organization's overall digital accomplishments, strategies and roadmap. Each organization must submit a document detailing staffing against its efforts, financial commitment and results. And now we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award. The first winner is BroadcastMed. BroadcastMed won 20 other awards this year. The company has streamed more than 1,000 live surgical webcasts and powers more than 50 client branded video portals. Broadcast mid developed sophisticated video portals for a variety of applications, ranging from physician education to patient education. This website features Mount Sinai specialties in its groundbreaking research and treatments. Health disparities have taken center stage over the past couple of years, and Broadcast Med helps clients like Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center shine a spotlight on efforts to eliminate racial disparities. Johns Hopkins physician focused clinical connections website features videos created by Broadcast Med sharing the latest innovations and advances in patient care. Accepting this award on behalf of Broadcast Med is Drew Chorzempa, director of content marketing. Broadcast meet is honored to be awarded to Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment award for the third year in a row. Our clients consist of the best brands in health care and we want to thank them for making this possible. Broadcast Med produces, promotes and distributes groundbreaking clinical content to inspire the future of medicine. With decades of experience, we develop innovative content marketing strategies. Our proprietary AI driven data yields unparalleled health care intelligence that advances health care providers' ability to deliver improved patient outcomes. We remain committed to engaging, educating and inspiring health care providers. The Broadcast Med family wants to thank you for honoring our hard work. Thank you. Congratulations to the entire team at BroadcastMed.

The next winner is FAIR Health, who won eight other awards this year. FAIR health has the nation's largest collection of private health care claims data with more than $34 billion records. It's consumer websites offer shared decision making tools and educational resources about health insurance and palliative care. Fair Health's content includes consumer friendly animated videos to make insurance forms like the explanation of benefits easier to understand. Making this information available in both Spanish and English is clearly a priority. And now we'll hear from Robin Gelber, president of fair health. Here, help is honored to have received the mark Rothberg e! Health care organizational commitment award. We are proud that our consumer website brings unparalleled visibility into health care pricing and equips patients and their families with the information they need to successfully navigate the health care system. Our award winning website reflects the talents and expertise of a broad swath of our organization, including writers, web developers, data scientists, graphic artists and our communications team. While we greatly appreciate the recognition afforded by this award, it will not slow down our future innovation and enhancements. Thank you again. Congratulations to the entire team and fair health.

Our next winner is Nebraska Medicine, who won four other awards this year. Nebraska Medicine is committed to creating and implementing digital tools that enhance patient experience at every touchpoint. Nebraska Medicine is a recognized leader in infectious diseases. Its most multifaceted outreach provided much needed expertise as the pandemic unfolded and new information became available. Nebraska Med features a dedicated COVID 19 information page, a section containing protocols and resources for health care professionals, and a COVID 19 educational community hub. Its award winning health care content dispels misinformation and addresses common questions like COVID 19 treatments. What are the options and are they better than vaccines and COVID 19 natural immunity versus vaccination? Nebraska medicine's COVID related social media efforts on Facebook consisted of 18 Facebook Live events and 351 posts that generated more than 42 million impressions and 1.3 million engagements. And now we'll hear from Frank laco, vice president of marketing and communications at Nebraska Medicine. Hello, I'm Frank laco, vice president of Marketing and Communications for Nebraska Medicine. I want to thank health care for the opportunity to participate in this year's awards. The results are truly an honor and represent countless hours of work from a very dedicated team. While we can't be at HCIC this year, I want it to be able to share the announcement of the awards with our team. We won. For platinum awards. And we were one of only five winners of their big overall award, which is the mark Rothberg organizational commitment award. Thanks again to e-health care and really all of our health care and public health colleagues across the country as we work together to improve and save lives and work to end this pandemic. Congratulations to the entire team at Nebraska Medicine.

Our next winner is SCL Health SCL Health won six of the rewards this year. SCL Health's road to transformation is managed by its digital services team. Its guiding principles are to make experiences easy and low effort focus on the user and their needs, not internal processes. Leverage the smallest number of connected platforms needed personalized experiences based on deep knowledge of our users and provide options to engage with us. This year, SCL Health launched a new consumer app that extends the MyChart experience in a consumer friendly, streamlined user experience for both authenticated and unauthenticated site visitors. SCL Health launched two new chat bots this year as well. One allows consumers and patients to accomplish key tasks on their own, including finding a provider, scheduling an appointment, paying a bill, signing up for COVID vaccines and navigating my chart. Another enables consumers to take a risk assessment and learn more about COVID 19. And now we'll hear from Mona Bassett, vice president of digital services. I'm Mona Bassett, vice president of digital services at SCL health in the greater Denver area. On behalf of many very talented and camera shy associates across several departments, thank you for this incredible recognition. We are truly honored. I'd also like to thank SCL Health leadership. Including our chief information and digital officer for always supporting these efforts in the digital space and for always making us feel like winners. Congratulations to the entire team at school health. 

Our final winner is UCLA Health. UCLA health won 15 other awards this year at the very beginning of the pandemic, everything was at stake. UCLA Health's leadership posed the question, what if we could turn digital products and tools that we were merely piloting into full blown digital experiences and ensure our target audiences felt welcomed, seen and understood across all digital touchpoints? UCLA health launched a centralized COVID 19 information and action hub featuring content from its own infectious disease specialists endorsements from Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers players reinforcing its hashtag mask, messaging and hosting roundtables that inspired clarity around facts and data. In the peak of the pandemic, UCLA Health launched a chat bot to offer precise enough guidance on important tasks such as finding location, clarifying COVID 19 facts and fiction, or enabling patients to book a video visit with a simple smartphone thumb click. The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA created an immersive digital tour and recruiting campaign to virtually engage prospective students and trainees when the COVID 19 pandemic prevented traditional in-person tours and meetings. Applications grew by 38% from 8,000 to 11,000. And now we'll hear from Linda ho, executive director of marketing, innovation, technology and operations from UCLA Health. Hi, I'm Linda ho. I'm executive director of marketing, innovation, technology and operations at UCLA Health. I'm thrilled to be accepting our e! Health care awards on behalf of UCLA Health and our marketing and communications team. Thank you for recognizing us with 15 health care awards this year. We are especially pleased to be receiving the e! Health care organizational commitment award throughout our digital and social channels. We work to add innovative tools and technologies to engage our patients and audiences and really reinforce UCLA Health's commitment to health equity, diversity and inclusion, highlighting what we're doing to take action to bring about change. Thank you for this very special organizational commitment award. Congratulations to the entire team at UCLA Health.

And congratulations to this year's winners of the Mark Gothberg eHealthcare Organizational Commitment Award. And we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the 2021 winners. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to honor you and recognize your many accomplishments in another challenging year.

Winners certificates are being mailed this year, and award winners will also be featured in eHealthcare Strategy & Trends at eHealthcareStrategy.com. 

All winners are now listed on the awards website eHealthcareAwards.com.

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 Once again, our warmest congratulations to the winners of the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards!